Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Quick Sat. Morning Post

Magnetic letter h E letter L letter L O exclamation mark
if you are here from either FreeTech4Teachers or the NerdyBookClub. EEEK! They both posted on the same day! I hope you'll find some reason to stick around.

If you are here from FreeTech ... I posted another collage yesterday and will be doing more!
If you are here from Nerdy ... make sure to check out my most favorite library signs/bookmarks ever.

Now on to Saturday tasks. Will be back soon!


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  1. I neglected two more hopefully interesting links. A more detailed "how to" on the collages here ... and some other slightly geeky bookmarks here ... And now I have to go w/o putting in the html code for those links. Sorry. I always forget that and have to go look it up. :/ #notquiteastechyasiclaimami