Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Goals

Oh, goodness. It's kind of a bandwagon now but oh well. You know how you need to make goals public to sort of help with accountability? Well. Here are my library/school/teaching/book/tech related goals. I won't mention the exercise and eating healthier. Or maybe I will. Another day.

Had an account for years, I think, but almost never log in. Must rectify this because I really think I might be missing out there.

THIS could be fun. Though I will have to decide quickly because if the stars align tomorrow is the last time I'll be on campus until August. Still have a couple other trainings but they will be in other places.

Something like this. Though I've been hemming and hawing about what places to put on it for months now. JUST DO IT ALREADY!

No fun pins about the second go round of all the files. First one got most of them out of the cabinet and into binders. But now the binders are kind of a mess plus I think I could still get rid of some stuff that I will never use. When I get all the covers made I will post (whether you care or not ;]).

That is doable for the library end, right?


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