Friday, July 31, 2015

Already Friday July 31

I have lots of family coming in the next couple weeks. That's fun. Just lots going on as well so ... I will remain calm and cool and collected, right? You? If I was a blogger that could offer all sorts of organizational and professional/lifeplanning tips would you be impressed? :P

Means still no update on the apps post. Truly note to self NEVER announce a reboot of a blog series until you have at least three of them pre-written. I can procrastinate like no one's business. Real main thing? Haiku Deck is going to a paid subscription model if you want to be able to export the presentations out of the app. And for a shared library device that's pretty imperative so ... :(.

Calm and cool and collected. Remember to keep up the exercise. Cause I signed up with some other TL friends for a Star Wars themed 5K in December! Which is still a long time away but I am excited because, well, you know.

This is a pretty good intro to the book. And more concise than my notes were!

I think this smore makes much more sense if you've read (or at least started with the first four and a half chapters) the book. Not sure I could have "followed" some of this otherwise, even though I knew most of the apps. I like where it's going, though. MTV is really a book to stop and ponder as you lesson plan.

I want this. Like the Ewoks in the movie it's so ugly it's kind of cute. #theobsessivecollectingmuststop

You know #imageek.

Take care and enjoy the last days of freedom. I don't mean to sound like I'm dreading school starting. But those first couple of weeks are hard. Then you get in a routine and it works out. It's just so nice to have time.

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