Sunday, August 2, 2015

Currently August 2

Well, insomnia strikes AGAIN. It's getting more than a little old. Tried baths, showers, aromatherapy, turning off the TV/computer at least 30 minutes before, stretching, exercising earlier in the day, melatonin, nasty chamomile tea, eating earlier ... you name it, I've tried it. So ridiculous.

 Linking up with Farley just ... because that is what one does, no? ;)

Currently August slide

Listening to quiet. Well. And my buzzing DVR from the other room. When I can't sleep I come out to the couch. But lately that is a noisy spot so now I'm in the office.

Loving time spent with "local" family (still takes 45-60 minutes to get across town! but that's nothing compared to everyone else) this weekend. More of them are coming! All of them are coming, actually. Starting a week from tomorrow ... 4, then 5 late the next day, then 6 two days later, then 1 two days after that (plus the 5 that are semi-local). One day with EVERYONE (there will be pics!) and then people start leaving. Rotten timing with hot weather and BTS where it's pretty impossible to take a day off of work but better something than nothing!

Thinking that really the summer disappeared. I didn't make specific plans and now time's almost up. FB on this day reminds me of X years ago I was in Seattle. X years ago I was in Hawaii. X years ago I was in SCOTLAND or IRELAND. #needtomakesometravelplans

Wanting some inspiration. Have to do my part but there are loads of professional and personal things that I just ... dunno what to do! Hard to figure stuff out when you are tired. I know He'll help me if I can just listen. Should do better with devotional time because that is one way to practice listening!

And I'm needing to figure them out. Time is becoming of the essence.

Not to be grumpy because RAK are awesome. But cheap chocolate or soda or salt ... does no one any health favors. It just really doesn't. So just positive notes, even silly printed out memes or ecards, maybe some fun stickers or a pen? As the TL I don't really have a "team" at my school. I mean, the music and PE teachers are super nice but as none of our curriculums even remotely connect we can't plan together or anything. Lost my beloved assistant of eleven years so ... must welcome the new part time assistant (part of what I need to figure out! How to do things with half the help when already things often felt overwhelming! TLs that don't even have that need awards because the idea makes me literally want to hide) and all the teachers, really, so they know that even though the library might not be able to help them quite as fast as we used to we will still be trying.

I sound grumpy and sleepy, don't I? Apologies. Shouldn't post when sleep deprived. I'm not always grumpy. Lately sleepy but not always grumpy. :P ;)


  1. I hope you can get some sleep! I have started the back to school nightmares. I hate when that happens. I hope you can figure out a vacation to go on!

  2. The summer DID disappear! I thought I had all the time in the world to relax, but now school is about to start again! Not sure how it happened. :) Hope you can get some sleep soon!

    Maren @ Malimo Mode

  3. I keep odd hours- up at 4am during school and 6am or earlier during summer, so by 9 or 10 pm I'm exhausted! I'm glad you have a part time assistant. Mine was cut after my first year, but I usually have very good parent volunteers that make my job possible. I hear you about feeling isolated- we have 13 new staff members, so I have a "staff respite center" in. My back room, complete with chocolate, so I'm hoping to bribe people to come to the library!

  4. I know insomnia...I live it many nights so I get everything. I understand the need for inspiration as well. I crave it almost everyday. I can't get over the fact that weekends just whoosh by, so I know what you mean about summer holidays. I was told recently that my iron levels were low so coupled with my sleepless nights, I get tired very easily. Hey Ms O. it just occurred to me that we are very much alike. :P What do you think?

  5. No, you don't sound sound restless (literally and figuratively!). I always feel restless at this time of year - I think my brain is anticipating changes. Can't quite focus on anything - I'm sorry about your insomnia...I listen to BBC financial podcasts and I fall asleep immediately! LOL!