Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently July

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Currently July meme

Listening: to the Hurricane album
Loving: time. Like, to eat breakfast! During the school year there's just no way I'm eating before 6:30 and that's the absolute latest I can leave my house. :/
Thinking: I need a project. Had a hard time narrowing down what to do this summer. I guess start with some of the Lego minifig pics I wanted to play around with. And hello, I haven't used my Cameo in a while. Make some stuff for my Star Wars in the Library year next year?
Wanting: an Amazon Echo. In fact I was just super naughty and ordered one. I shouldn't have but I did.
Needing: to call some people. Both family and friends.
All Star: I'm really not sure. That sounds lame but the two other posts I've read said "truth teller" and I'm not really that. I hate telling people things they don't want to hear. Reader? Cookie baker?

So kind of dull answers but it's time to go eat and get dressed. Errands with my Mom this morning! I'll have to do the treadmill this afternoon (TOO STINKING HOT OUTSIDE :P). Back to the gym class tomorrow.  And a one on one with the trainer to come up with some better meal plans and substitutes for when I really crave sugar (double :P :P). And TL bookclub. And (finally) a bang trim and touching up the cursed roots. A pox on the gray hair gene that has been rearing it's ugly head since I was 15! Every time I swear I'm going to chop it all off. And then I'm like "but then I couldn't just twist it up in a clip!"

Hopefully tomorrow the next iPad apps post will be ready!


  1. I love the easy pace of summer! I have a Cameo that i bought two years ago and have never taken out of the box. I should put that on my summer to do list-use the darn thing. I know I have a problem. LOL I feel your pain on the gray hair. I'm blond, but have gray (really it's more white) hair coming in more and more every year. It's driving me crazy because now every time I get my hair done I have to get lowlights and highlights. It sucks getting older! Have a great summer.

  2. I also need some help with substitutes for when I crave sugar. I've been trying not to buy super sugary things, and it helps a little. I do indulge, though, and buy dark chocolate covered almonds for my sweet treat. Almonds are super healthy and dark chocolate has antioxidants. See? It's all healthy! Haha!!!

    Shine on in First Grade