Friday, July 3, 2015

Finally Friday July 3

Well, app post will have to wait until next week. Got distracted this week, didn't I? From that and finishing some in progress update projects.
Click through for embedded content. See you later!

Slowly but surely I WILL get back in shape. Debating going in for a sleep study but not sure I want the results. Sleeping better would be awesome, though. Couldn't help but help, no? Skipped the workout class this AM. Lingering effects of a rotten headache last night and small fry staying here this AM. Anyone on MyFitnessPal? I don't use it much but maybe that's because I've never "connected" with anyone.

Cute and simple. Better to have started it a week or two ago, though.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Forgot about this. Even though it's the cover of this board.

I want to do more augmented reality projects next year. I've done simple Aurasma/Daqri triggers with 2nd grade classes and their research dioramas but it's time to take it up a notch. Wish I could have gone to iPadpalooza!

I like to play around like I know this stuff.

And I'll leave you with this. Ordering online, I think, so that I can get the Stead characters/animals I missed when they were in store. #beenspendingtoomuchlately #buyallthethings

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  1. Oh man, I LOVE the Minion pincushion!!! That is super cute and when you make one I want you to make me one too. ;-)

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