Friday, July 24, 2015

Finally Friday July 24

Hello! It's Friday again! Only ... two more of summer vacation for me.

I spent Wednesday and part of Thursday at a Library Reboot Camp. I didn't get to go last year because I was in Seattle the first day and recovering from a serious red-eye flight the second day.
Wednesday I went to a class with tips on staff training, gathering stats from a couple of our e-resources, and makerspaces. Today I only went to two because I woke up at 3:30 this morning and could not go back to sleep. I was SO TIRED. Today was working on version 2.0 of our Libguides and then EB Online (we're coming from World Book). I was a little sad to lose World Book as I really liked their update earlier this winter and spent a lot of time teaching kids how to use it. Starting over now which is :P but it's not like EB Online isn't good, too. Just change. Always change, right?
I'd never seen this video before. With 8 million hits how did I miss it? I was told I was a Cooper with technology (at the meeting). Hmmmm.

I haven't done ONE MONDAY MADE IT all summer!
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I know they can't but I wish Jamberry could make some nails like these. Only my nails are much shorter so maybe it would end up looking squatty? Just know I could never paint these!

Please understand this one is shared in irony.

I love these colors.

Today is Pioneer Day for members of my church. It commemorates the day that the westward expansion-ers that were kicked out of many states (one actually issued an extermination order) made it to the Salt Lake Valley. They weren't perfect, either. Far from it. It's hard to get an accurate view of history because history can't defend or explain itself and accounts can have ulterior agendas. Anyway. I have always had a tendency to say "so glad I didn't have to walk across the plains in long skirts picking up buffalo chips to burn and running out of food" but hey, we all have different trials to deal with, don't we? It's dangerous to say one thing is harder than another. Just everyone be kind. Be kind.

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