Thursday, December 19, 2013

Library Holiday Wish List

This is just a silly for fun list. Of course in real life I'd rather have all students have safe homes where they get read to each and every night and get enough healthy food to eat and time to play and exercise. And a school system that didn't try to test every last bit of creativity out of them.

It never ceases to amaze me how many other TLs have to deal with the same no-walls NONSENSE. What idiot architect (and yes, I know that's not a very nice word) ever thought it was a good idea? The only time it's good is when we have new book displays … I love to hear how excited the kids are as they walk by. All the other times when I have to yell (even with a microphone) simply to be heard over the general "hallway" noise by the kids right in front of me … well. You know how I feel about it. So like usual the top of the wish list is …
York City Wall (North side) by day

Now in previous years I have mentioned the Big Book Furniture. And Hogwarts Lego sets. And a hot cocoa maker (HA HA HA here in TX … usually). And an iPodcasting station.

This year the post is kind of dull cause I don't have any pics. And it's all about what I think a Makerspace might start out as.

Space for and then a big cabinet with doors that lock (for after school times … as much as I'd like to be able to leave it out for the after school peeps we do not have unlimited materials budgets) to hold:

book related puzzles;
colored paper (the pretty deeply colored kind … not the cheap kind … I'm a paper snob);
upcycled cardboard (ie tp and paper towel rolls, empty cereal boxes, etc.);
colored pencils (and a decent sharpener that everyone promises to not come down with 50 pencils and proceed to sharpen all of them WHILE I am teaching … speaking from experience here :P);
pipe cleaners;
glue sticks;
craft glue;
craft sticks;
rubber bands;
electric circuits kits;
hand wipes (cause seriously … even with just glue sticks the little ones manage to make a mess of themselves :/); and
wipes to clean off the wood tables that don't ruin the finish (is that possible? Also allowable by Risk Management staff? :P).

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  1. I so totally understand your wish for walls. In my district 3 of the elementary school have open libraries. I was given the chance to move to the school where I attended elementary. I didn't for the sole reason of walls. I love them. I'm loud and I didn't want to disturb the office... HA HA. Hope your move is going well. Merry Christmas.