Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Related Holiday Craftiness #2

Time for another installment of the projects I'm drooling over as I try to inspire kids and staff, keep my head afloat at school, and get the new place organized.

So … Pete the Cat. He's pretty cool. We used the pattern from Deanna Jump and then … Holiday-Fied it. I blogged more specifically about it here and below this pic is a sign (3AM Teacher, Melonheadz, and DJInkers, if I remember the credits for the images correctly) to help collect data on the glyphs. In a comment on that older post we realized that the TPT packet where I first got this pattern is no longer for sale. To be honest I haven't used the pattern since … ever. Eyeballed looking at the pieces. I'd dare say you could, too … it's all based on thirds of a 9X12 piece of construction paper for Pete. And total freehand other pieces.)

Already had one class make Flat Gingys. We'll see if they remembered to actually write about their experiences. The "due" date was today.

I'd like to see kids do this for holiday cards. ;)

Not necessarily book-related but … could I convince a class to do this to talk about book related apps?

Gonna put it out there so I don't wimp out … expect a pic from my house of this one.

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