Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 in '13 and Book-ish Unboring List

13. Article of Clothing: Well. Clothes aren't as fun when you aren't in shape (fixing that in 2014, right?). So we'll say ...

12. Favorite Movie: Is there a Goodreads equivalent for movies? I know you can sign in to IMDB but that just seems clunky to me. Can't remember what I necessarily saw this year. Just saw The Desolation of Smaug yesterday and of course it was awesome. MEAN CLIFFHANGER ENDING that for some reason I just didn't see coming. Been too long since I read the book. ;0
11. Favorite TV Show: Psych! We've waited so long!

10. Favorite Restaurant: I'm pretty easy. Firehouse Subs. Panda Express. Don't do fancy very much. I did try Ruth's Chris when a friend was visiting but EGADS I thought I would die of embarrassment because I didn't know we were going and at the time? Wearing the Leia shirt you see above. Was quite good, though.
9. Favorite New Thing: my WALL OF BOOKSHELVES. :)
8. Favorite Gift: pics from my niece Winnie.
7. Favorite Pin: I spend too much time on Pinterest. It's just so easy when you can do it on your phone. So it's hard to pick. The one that still makes me LAUGH THE MOST? A year old today. And you'll think I'm strange. But go here. The original link is broken but the pin will still show the funny image.
6. Favorite Blog Post: Funny. Can never seem to figure out ahead of time what other people will like. Something I thought was awesome will get very few page hits and something I wasn't quite as excited about will get way more. We'll say ... There is a Bird on Your Head. I remembered to take pics!
5. Best Accomplishment: Surviving in one piece? It was a crazy year! Surgery. Presenting at a state level conference 8 days after said surgery. Getting campus Teacher of the Year (last year ... not winning any awards for 2013 fall semester :/). Family moving in and then leaving again. Not getting a new position I really thought I wanted :(. Leaving the house that has been home for over 20 years. Building and moving in to a new place. Two new family members. Would love for 2014 to be a bit ... calmer. Too much to ask for?
4. Favorite Picture: For as many photo blogs as I semi-follow (and community ed classes I have taken) I am SO BAD at taking pics. And then keeping them organized. For now we'll say these. Favorites from my FB wall. Pretty rare I ever take one I like. Then family. And the living room of my new place.

3. Favorite Memory: This one is hard, too! My parents taking care of me when I got appendicitis (pain not a good memory but hey ... even if you did have a significant other (which I don't ... boo :P) it's still nice to have Mom and Dad around when you feel so awful. And they were so much help). Hanging out with my youngest brother before he left for two years. Time with nieces and nephews. Funny texts/FB IMs between siblings. So mostly family time. I like my job but mostly family time.
2. Goal for 2014: Scripture study. I think that if I can get my spiritual self back on track (not that I've been living badly ... just haven't felt as close to Him as I could with some devotional time) lots of things will fall into place ... both personally and professionally.
1. One Little Word: still the same as last year. Intention. I keep ... getting behind and not living with intention. Just scrambling to stay afloat.

Bookish UnBoring List
Sort of a bust. Not a complete bust as I finished about half.
1. Go to a comic store. Got the first time down the second week in January. Was going to collect all the SW (original storyline) ones that came out this year but I missed the second issue while out for the count with appendicitis and sort of lost steam after that.
2. R2D2 trash can. To go along with R2D2's Guide to Folding and Doodling!
3. Read The Twelve and run 500 miles with the Zombies, Run app.
4. Read Penguin and Pinecone and make a book trailer with the cool puppet I got at SeaWorld. Penguin on Vacation was pretty cute. And so was P&P ... up to a point. Then it was just a little strange.
5. Visit indie bookstores. Well, no. Didn't go on any trips and the only one in my area is now EVEN FARTHER away cause I moved. Next year? I want to visit my siblings in CO and WA.
6. HP Nook in new place. Fail. Dunno whether it was that my expectations were super unrealistic or the lame builder but it's too small. In my eyes, anyway. Dunno about the kids. They didn't explore it this trip cause it's still unfinished. Builder seriously just cut a hole in the wall under the stairs and left it. :P Will see about what I can do to save it in the next year.
7. Wall of bookshelves. BUILT! And they are beautiful! But since at least a third of my books are still mixed up in boxes in storage or the garage they are not ready for a pic yet. We sort of stopped unpacking when the holidays started. Expect shelfies some time in February.
8. Something Oz-ish. Nope. Didn't happen. Writing that one off.
9. Book art. That one will roll over into next year for sure!
10. A "tea party" in my new kitchen since I couldn't actually visit PEI? Not yet. We'll roll that one over, too.


  1. I love Psych. I love that pin. I love that pic of you. :-) Can't wait to see the Wall of Bookshelves in all its glory. Happy New Year!

    The Craft of Teaching

    1. Found some more of my books today. So the pics in their glory may be coming sooner than I thought! :)
      And I'm glad you like Psych, too. And even more that pin. Not everyone "gets" it but it makes me LAUGH.

  2. Enjoyed Psych too! Reminded me of a Scrubs episode that was similar... Happy New Year!

    1. Do you know I liked Scrubs ... never watched all of them but a good lot of them in reruns. Now I need to see if the musical one is online anywhere because I never saw that one!

  3. Went last night and watched Hobbit part 2 with my boys. LOVED IT! Can't wait till part 3 Happy New Years!

  4. I know, right? I need to see CF. But ENJOY IVAN today. I used to go visit Ivan when we lived in Steilacoom (just outside of Tacoma). Before the days of cell phones or even commonly carried cameras or I'd have a picture of myself with terrible late 80s hair standing next to his enclosure. And next to the poor dancing chicken, which I tell my students all the time should have made it into the book. And the inventor of his little "cage" should have been put in one himself! (People put in quarters and music started playing and the floor heated up so the chicken would like dance around because his feet were getting burned. It was awful. I never ever did it. Just felt bad for him and Ivan in his garage-like cement space.).