Friday, December 27, 2013

Finally Friday Dec. 27

Enter to win a CD of DJ Inkers cards on yesterday's post.

Silly but it made me laugh.

Would prefer this with the bottle edited out and a book or DVD in there ... but I'll have to take it as is.


Also made me laugh.

Nieces and nephews making me laugh this week as well. They'll be gone next week. Insert sad face here. And now a random question ... anyone ever heard of "ulnar nerve entrapment"? Cause the tingly pinkies is getting worse and worse and even though I would feel RIDICULOUS (I don't have the best relationship with my PCP ... though as of Jan. 1 I don't have to have his OK anymore so HELLO ALLERGIST) going to see a "specialist" about it. But it's definitely more noticeable over the last 18 months or so (and more the last 2) and if Google is to be believed it can cause permanent damage. But how often is Google to be believed?



  1. Ooh. Nerve entrapment never sounds good. Hope you are feeling better by the time school starts again. Naps NEVER hurt!

  2. That doesn't sound too good! I vote's totally not ridiculous. I am a HUGE hypochondriac, so I am not allowed to Google/WebMD anymore, but tingly fingers is no bueno. Hope you feel better soon!!! BTW, how's the new house??

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