Thursday, December 26, 2013

Clip Art Fanatic & Celebrate with a Smile

So it's fun to give stuff away. And it's fun to use fun clip art. So here's a Win-Win.
DJ Inkers. Loved her stuff since the days before digital downloads or even CDs or even FLOPPY DISKS. In the move? We found a big stash of DJ Inkers BOOKS that I used to have to make copies of for snail mail letters. Am I dating myself? She has so many different offerings.

But snail mail. Or hand delivered cards. As much fun as digital art can be hard copy is even more awesome. MAIL. And being the person who is on top of things to be prepared WITH a card to send their loved ones. Ever find yourself late in the game wanting to be said person?

Here's your chance!
The CD is normally $39.99 but it's on sale right now (though 1/1) for $23.99. So use this opportunity to buy it for yourself ... OR comment below for the chance to WIN a copy. Sometime the morning of 12/31 I will put the number of comments into and pick a winner. DJ Inkers will send the winner a copy of the CD! I don't necessarily see their rules but let's say US only just to be safe. And the comment topic? Oh ... the first card need you will have in the new year. Can't think of a January one but I have a brother and sister both with birthdays in February.

But maybe January will come and I'll realize last minute I forgot something. Behind for card getting elsewhere but not too behind to get one in the mail. ;)


  1. I love DJ Inkers clip art! Would love to win!

  2. DJ Inkers is one of my favorites! I know it's old school, but there are so many good things about it! I am definitely going to need a birthday card for my sister - Jan 9th! :)

  3. Just love their clip art!

  4. Hope you are finally moved/unpacked. I have a sister with a birthday in Jan..