Friday, December 6, 2013

Finally Friday Dec. 6


This bag is awesome. Like really awesome. Make sure you click through if you can't see the embedded widgets on Feedly or Bloglovin.

It's a different kind of bookshelf. But I love the retro look and it makes me want to go back to Europe for a longer visit. (JEALOUS OF MO WILLEMS WHO CAN SPEND A SABBATICAL YEAR IN PARIS. Just had to throw that out there. Even though I speak Spanish and not a lick of French past croissant.)

And I was TOTALLY GOING TO DO THIS with the box from the refrigerator. And then the manager forgot to tell the workers not to fill the box full of construction junk. :(

Note to self … get some clear plates before January. And figure out how to make this more curriculum related than just a "story and a craft." Cause that's OK sometimes but not all the time. This is too cute. If nothing else for a display?

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