Thursday, June 27, 2013

ISTE Reflection #2: Thinglink

Totally heard of it before. But now? TRIED IT. Personally, anyway. Not with kiddos.

So if you poke around with your mouse you'll find it links to some webpages and YouTube videos. Was VERY easy to do. Created an account, uploaded the pic, found a couple quick links, clicked and added them.

Ways I Think I'll Be Using It ...
Maybe a photo of a couple shelves in the library ... with links to book trailers right ON the the particular book. Post it on the school LibGuide, just for fun? A "new" way for kiddos to discover new books? And MAYBE (for at least the first couple, anyway ... a very direct hint as to where they would FIND the books on the shelf).

Pictures of habitats ... with links to videos or permanent links to database articles (I wonder ... if, by going through the Thinglink "portal" ... would the databases recognize when we're logging on from school (and therefore not have to use the passwords?) for research?

Or biographies?

Or ... hmm. Will have to look at the terms. If I had a generic school login would I be breaking any rules? Cause just got to thinking the kids could make some ... a sort of annotated bibliography type activity. Not all the time ... but as an every once in a while activity?

Other librarians have linked calendars and infographics. So could continue on in that thread.

Now ... MAYBE I will head to B&N and spend an hour in the picture book department. That sounds like fun, doesn't it?



  1. I love your ideas! Please add them to this collaborative document: Ways to Use ThingLInk

  2. Will do. Thanks!

    And looking at it ... WOW. Love these ideas!