Friday, June 28, 2013

Finally Friday Pins June 28

Interesting week. Behind on my reading. Up on the tech. I want to get more books in here. Either that or I'd need to change the name, right? Ms. O Reads Books and Plays with Tech?

Anyway. I'm rambling.

I want to get these for the library iPads. They will take up a lot of room in the cabinet. But then no worries at all (not that one SHOULD worry overly much and let that stop you from going for it) about the kids going all over the campus holding them and filming.

Love this! I have so many prints I want to get for the walls in my new place. And that's even with some I'm finding in the backs of closets I've gotten over the past few years for when I "had" more wall space.

Totally off "topic" but I love this little owl cake.

I am thinking very much about ordering this backpack. Very, very much. Or the R2D2 one. Silly, isn't it.

Another fun infographic that the kids could do to record their reading. I know I've seen that template. The article lists all of the "usuals" so I'm sure it's there.


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  1. I just re-pinned your last pin. Love the info graphics and I teach fifth. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners