Thursday, June 20, 2013

(Almost) Finally Friday Pins June 21

Well. It's almost done. Watching the big game. GO SPURS GO.

How fun would these bookmarks be made from all the graphic novels that fall apart?

Awesome box! I want one!

Random House posted this to Pinterest today. I had to share it on the school library FB page. Goal for next year ... get more PARENTS on there. At least some staff see and comment on occasional posts. (if you are "allowed" go here for a little "how to" on creating a fan page that doesn't leave you open to misunderstandings between personal and professional lines.)

I need a print of this. For home and school. IRONY.

I had to stop our Lego Club because it was just too much trying to do by myself. I wonder if I could get a parent to help? We were more BUILDING things (had kiddos create awesome animals and buildings and such) but this is the newest pin on my Library Legos Pinterest board.

No Made By You Monday posts. When I have been productive this week it has been to help my parents clear out some clutter. Doubles of VHS that they have the DVD for. Seriously 50 pounds of looseleaf notebook paper and either brand new or barely used spiral notebooks. My youngest brother is 21. This stuff has been stuffed into a closet for a while. Especially the wide rule looseleaf. #semihoarding

Or, less productive but trolling Craigslist looking for furniture. And then being too "scared to ruin it" to buy and try painting. I MUST DARE TO TRY!!! Do I dare show you the finished piece I got on Craigslist? A beautiful sage green buffet that I'm going to use as a TV console. The top is a lovely stained wood with the bottom green. I love it.

Also rearranging Pinterest boards (I broke down and split up a lot of library stuff ... even with the new search function it was still hard to find everything!). And trying to do something with the immense digital clutter of my home laptop and work laptop. Doubles and triples of files all over the place. Everything mismashed. It's getting better. #electronicclutter


Feedly. Or Bloglovin. Or Flipboard. Or via FB. Or Twitter. Or any one of the other aggregators. Just stick around, K? Google Reader, I already miss you. What on earth will I do when iGoogle goes away as well. Though whiteout GR it won't be as cool. I'll just get my gmail on my phone and go straight to Google Drive for everything else.

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