Sunday, June 2, 2013

Currently June

First of all, linking up with Farley ...

Listening: well, I lie. Not actually at this very moment. But all week. Cause he was here on Saturday. And I didn't go.

Loving: I'm eating my end of year stress with after 8 Sonic shakes. Or happy hour cream slushes.

Thinking: I AM TIRED OF BEING PATIENT. But I will continue to do my best, even when it seems like it's not getting anywhere.

Wanting: To wave my magic wand and the rest of the library pack itself. I WOULD RATHER be working with kids. Packing is dirty and gross and stressful and my lungs will never be the same. Will it be worth it for new carpet? How long will the non-grossness last?

Needing: Summer break! Please ... get here SOOOOOOOOONER THAN SOON.

3 Vacation Essentials: some family. A camera (I'm rubbish at taking photos but I like to try). And books ... hard copy or Nook.

So I will be at ISTE later this month. You? Started going through starred posts in Google Reader (cause it's going away ... :() and even though this one wasn't even a week old (Pinterest friends, I apologize in advance for clogging up your feeds. I'm going back through and pinning the starred posts I really want to remember). I still have some MOO cards that have my website and Twitter username ... but other than that they are pretty nondescript. Bright colors on the front with the word READ. Contact on the back. Redo or no? According to this post then yes. But hey ... I'm not great at networking and handing them out. Why I still have some left in the first place.



  1. Hi! Your blog is so cute! Maybe making some new cards will be a good thing to start fresh at the conference you are going to, and maybe it will make you more excited about networking! :)

    PS: I'm a "Ms. O", too. :)


    1. You know ... for someone I don't even know that is a remarkable idea. If they WERE more snazzy maybe I'd want to hand them out.
      ISTE is ... um ... the International Society for Technology in Education? I think? ;)

  2. Love George Strait! True country artist and so good at staying out of the public eye. I am going to have to share your blog with our librarian. I think your the first one I've seen!

    Found your blog through Currently and I am your newest follower. Would love for you to head over and check out my blog!

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  3. Why is google reader going away? I've never used it because I like to subscribe to blogs thru my email.

    I agree with Lindsay about George Strait and staying out of the public eye. Hard to do when you're famous. I've done a pretty good job of it. Lol!!


    1. Because Google ... in all of their awesomeness ... IS EVIL. Google Reader goes away in a couple weeks. #tearsup iGoogle in November. iGoogle has been the central starting place of all things internet for me for ... well. A long time. Is that why it all has to go away? #silentlyweepsmore
      I liked GR because you could see so much all in one screen. Very little scrolling to get the gist of a post. Could cover a lot of ground and info that way.
      I haven't posted about it yet but I've got the one mile a day average down. Hoping to get it higher as soon as school's out. The crunch challenge ... well. That will probably only be a half a month challenge for me. Can only handle so much these last couple of days.
      George. Hometown boy. The Seattle grunge high school sophomore appalled I had to move to Texas would think I was crazy. ;)

  4. Hi Ms. O...

    I love how honest your currently was. I got to see inside and get to know you really well. Thanks! I thought I was the only one losing patience.

    If you need help with branding, let me know. I am working on a post for Honey Bunch Blog Designs all about branding which includes business cards. I will try and get that finished up today.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. I'll look forward to reading the post. Thanks!