Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday (Google) Tool: Keep

Can you tell I'm trying? Hopefully it's useful to someone.
Anyway. Google Keep. I'm actually still really just learning about it ... it's been on my phone for a while but I didn't really pay attention to it until I started reviewing for the Google Certified Educator test. One of those things I download and sort of forget about until later. I do that sometimes. :/

It's available online and as an app on your mobile device. It syncs to your Google account.
You can add images and photos and audio recordings. You can add labels.. Checkboxes (who doesn't love to check things off?!). Color coding.

If you are moving to digital planning (for school ... I still like my paper planner for personal stuff. I even spent hours last summer working on a set of Avery printable teacher librarian planner stickers for paper planning ... and then found for school it just ... ugh. Didn't work for me. So I never ended up finishing them. I love analog planning for personal stuff but school, let's just go with digital) this is a MUST! There is no no no reason to keep a simple To Do list in Slides or Docs or Sheets. You can even add collaborators in Keep (though that part is easier to do on the desktop version).

Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning has a great article (and lots of other things ... she's half of the Google Teacher Tribe) and lots of other things linked if you click through from the infographic found below.

So mine is too messy to actually show you. I'm too paranoid for that. But here's a glimpse.

Here's one short tutorial.

But here is a longer one from Matt Miller of Ditch that Textbook. He's an educator so it's worth the extra time! You might already have heard of him? He's the other half of the Google Teacher Tribe than anything but hey, whatever. He does it better than I could so we'll just let him, shall we? Since I was naughty and just got an Apple watch the GPS based reminders are especially interesting to me ... more help even than a buzzing phone. That could be helpful. You may hear about them again later.

Here's the link to the Chrome Extension.


  1. I love google keep. Personally, I use it for all conferences. I've tried getting my kids to use it but I've noticed they forget it's there and always go to the trusty doc first.

    1. Awesome! Do you do all the hashtagging and folders and stuff? Or use images? I haven't gotten that far yet. At least in regular use. But it's summer and the living is fine, right? Really didn't start paying much attention to it until a couple of weeks ago (I know, I know!) for the Google Certs. Had it on my phone cause I'd heard about it but didn't pay ATTENTION to it. Moving forward from here on out!