Friday, July 21, 2017

Fridays Still Coming TOO FAST in July

There's only one more in July! Which of course you all know. I'm just ... ack. Too fast. I need balance. Less free time in summer and less craziness in the school year.

This week I went to the dentist. Bleh, but hey, they had a different x-ray machine and it wasn't terrible. Three Pilates classes! A little bit more decluttering. Some reading! Some movie watching.

Interesting things found on the internets. Some of these are old saves from FB that I'm cleaning out. As always, click through for original sources. Thanks to those creators cause they look interesting!

As anyone who sees my Pinterest feed knows ... I have a weird fascination with the color palettes. They are oddly calming, no matter the photo (though this is a lovely photo). This combination is a favorite.

Boring as all get out photo but oh well. It gets the point of the post across, right? Drives me nuts ... we can actually have carved out the time for all the drafting/writing/editing/rewriting only to have a recording still turn out lame because of all the ambient noise in a school. So I have the foam. Just need to actually MAKE them. Note to self ... summer is running out!

There is probably time for one more binge. Should it be Star Wars? Or Harry Potter? Sherlock Holmes? Back to the Future (that one would be short but funny!)? X-Men? Jurassic Park (second shortest!)? Or Lord of the Rings? It might be Lord of the Rings because it's been a while and it is so good.

Shark Week! Do you watch? I DVR several and then later on through the fall find myself oddly drawn to them even though I have NO intention of ever getting anywhere close to a shark in real life. Changed up the source of an old pin ... instead of Mashable now it goes to the original creator, Andertoons.

Isn't he adorable? That is one thing I have not done this summer. Made anything. Tried to dejunk because last year things just piled up. So maybe that is what I will do as soon as I sign off. Go make something. Have a great weekend! Let me know in the comments or on FB or IG if you make something or read or watch something great!

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