Thursday, July 13, 2017

Out of the Habit

Well. Missed ISTE. That was a bummer. Story of why is not interesting but I still feel badly about it, considering it was local to me and all. :(

I DID, however, get my Google Ed and Apple Teacher certifications so there is that. I am not a complete loser teacher. Everyone should totally should do it. I spent more time reviewing than was necessary for one already pretty familiar with the tools and considering it's open internet. Though ... I wasn't super excited about the wording of several of the questions. I feel like they were not as clear as they could have been. Is what it is. Anyway. Hopefully it's not breaking the TOU to display them together like this. Eventually I'll get them in the sidebar. Have to renew the domain name next month. Seems kind of silly considering I've posted what ... like four times in the past year? Maybe five. Hopefully eventually inspiration will strike again! :P It helped keep me on my toes.

I started listening to the Harry Potter #1 audiobook again to help me out of my reading slump and IG friends were right. I think it is helping! And if you are not on IG and didn't already see the sneak peak of the fabric I ordered for my mom to make something with ... my love for HP is only just behind Star Wars. Just. I hardly ever reread so it is so fun! Just what I needed!

Did anyone get anything interesting for Prime Day? I got a tech cords organizer and pre-ordered Bruce's Big Move and got Nanette's Baguette since I didn't already have it. Also because I got a Star Wars Kindle book I got a credit for 40% off another Kindle book so I'm deciding whether or not to preorder the new Wonder Woman YA coming out next month or getting a PD title. Decisions.
I have an Echo at home already. Didn't get one for school because they'd never let it on the network. :/
And to be honest I use it way more for music anyway. Still getting used to the talking to devices thing. I find it hard to talk to Alexa and Siri. I just got an Apple Watch, too. So how dumb is that.

Gasp! I have NOT gotten any of the Kohl's characters for school. Stuffies are highly discouraged in our district which is kind of sad (something about air quality ... who am I to judge as I am the one unwilling to wash or freeze them once a month or something like that). I totally used to have them. Clifford books? See him over there? That's where they are. Frog and Toad? See them over there? That's where the books are! I have gotten them for nieces and nephews, however. Knuffle Bunny remains elusive. Those of you still allowed to have them in your libraries ... I'm a little jealous of the pics but keep them coming because they are so cute! The one of MW walking in to Kohl's was hilarious, too, was it not?


  1. The stuffed animals just collect dust, I think! Since I'm middle school, I don't miss them. Maybe signs with their pictures? I didn't see anything that looked like a particular bargain for prime day. I should probably look into Google Ed, but it would probably just be so I could show off my certification and not because I would learn anything new. Was there anything that made it really worthwhile? I did 6 credit hours this summer, and one class was all tech from 2011. Sigh. Can still renew my certificate!

    1. They do collect dust ... but they make it easier for little to find things. If they could just BE on the shelf and they could just not need to play with them it would help with keeping them clean and satisfying the air quality people. Does that sound awful?! That would be a big start. Anyway. Not a whole LOT new with Google but some so I hope it was worth it. I haven't used Sheets much in the past but I might actually use it a little more in the future with a couple things I picked up. Never as much as they are acting like I might with the questions they asked but more than I did before, you know? And I will definitely use Google Keep more than I did before. Handy dandy. But all the others ... yeah. Knew that stuff. Not liking the Apple Coding (sort of an extra star on the Apple teacher one) as much as the stuff. Might be because I haven't picked up my new glasses (progressive lenses) yet, though. And I'm having to do it on an iPad mini and it's more 3d where is 2d and me and directions? We're not friends.