Friday, July 14, 2017

Fridays Come Fast in July

Here are some interesting things I've found around the webs. Click through for original sources. Thanks to those people for awesome content.

So you know I love Google Forms. They made some updates! When I figure out how specifically I will USE the updates that will be it's own post. Hopefully I will figure out a way. ? They look too cool to just let them sit.

Definitely try it out because you know it won't be free forever.

These are some examples from the iPad version.

If you saw that IG post I was talk about of the super cute HP fabric I got ... this is some other cute stuff that I wanted to get. But I didn't. But I wanted to. Just didn't quite know what I'd do with (who am I kidding ... what I'd ask my MOM to do with).

I was going to learn how to crochet this year. I got one of the Star Wars crochet kits for Christmas and then I saw this one. Hasn't happened yet. I get distracted plus the whole tingly fingers (not carpal tunnel ... cubital tunnel, in my case. So dumb) thing.

TO anyone still out there, thanks for sticking with me as I remember how to do this!

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  1. I always love you blog posts! I do know how to crochet so if I ever make time to do it, I will let you know how easy/difficult it is and maybe you can try it! :)