Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday that is Almost (gulp) August

Two weeks from today I go back for two days of "voluntary" training (yes, that includes a Saturday).
Then two last days of break. Then back on contract! And a family wedding. Summer. There needs to be more balance. There's almost too much free time in summer but the school year. It's just too crazy and I get overwhelmed. Does anyone else get overwhelmed? I don't want to say I hope so .... Anyway.
Last Saturday when I was at the Houston Harry Potter Symphony with one of my sisters and my niece I thought about changing my Star Wars in the Library for HP. I really did. Kept thinking about it all week. It's his birthday week! So this week's "This is what I found on the webs" is pretty much all HP themed. Click through for original sources cause they created them.
(I am 90% sure I won't do it. But I was pretty tempted because it would be just as awesome as Star Wars. I heart Star Wars the most. But it's only a very little bit more most. HP is right up there.)

I have something sort of like this (not from this shop, but hey, they have some) but Star Wars themed in my living room. They are 11X17 but on wood so I didn't have to get them framed and they would last longer than canvas. Look at the fun HP ones! (Oh, when I clicked through I saw the set of three. Even more tempted now.) Only not a vendor so if I got them for school it would be on my own dime. Hmmm ...

Craft alert! Makerspace? Or just for fun ...

The pin goes to an Etsy store. The idea is so cute.

This could be kind of fun. Could take some doing but find the right sounds (takes going to another link) for transitions?

There are a couple more but they are being weird about embedding. Which in the end is OK ... who knows if embedding is the best idea, anyway. A set of growth mindset/quote posters (I think in that case quotes are more OK, because the maker added more of her own value. I used to have some freebie HP quote posters but then I took them down because I decided even freebie ... who am I to say I can use HP quotes? Even short ones? I didn't add a bit of my own to it. Copyright can be so confusing sometimes, especially when you add in layers of movies and product licensing and such) that are super cool. Make your own sorting hat! You can find them all easy enough via my recent Pinterest and then to their own respective original sources.

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