Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bookfair ... Good for their Brains, Not as Much Ours

(One day last week ... Magnatiles and a Marbelous set come in in time for ONE #makermorning before bookfair. Big hit! Fifth graders who think they are too cool having fun.)

1) Only one volunteer signed up to help all week. Others have shown up unannounced (and we're super grateful! Just didn't know you were coming beforehand!), Super dead fair so ... what to have them do while they are here? When the shelves are covered by bookfair carts and stacked chairs?
2) Meetings on other campuses and dismissal (daycare from the library) and bookfair = trying to be in three places at once.
 3) Quote from Kinder actually skipping down the hall with book in hand "This is absolutely good for my life."
 4) Meetings on two other days that TOTALLY could have been emails.
 5) Way more district paperwork than Scholastic paperwork. Why?
 6) How do you handle when one student wins a random drawing (from those who answered math challenge questions correctly) and--with good intentions--a teacher asks if we can give it to a different student since said student had already purchased something from the fair? :/
 7) Ivan in paperback! I love Ivan. Still wish I had pics of going to visit him. Or, maybe not. #badlateeightiesearlyninetieshair
 8) Lockwood & Co. The Screaming Staircase only $3! And Cosmic only $1!
 9) Losing my own credit card after purchases for nieces and nephews.
 10) Losing major front office financial paperwork. I used to be so organized. I cannot find a system that I can keep up with. Too many distractions! Less than before--thank you partial walls--but still a lot. I finally found it in "J" of the filing cabinet. ??? Distractions. Both outside of my brain and in. What works for you?
11) CrashCourse Kids and (soon) SciShow Kids debut! They've got a little ways to go to equal their more grown up counterparts but I'm hopeful!
12) BANGING MY HEAD on a sharp edge of a fair cart. All for combing the dumb pop star books. Many witnesses to said event. No untoward language got out (I don't go beyond "darn it" and "what the heck" anyway), luckily, but GOODNESS IT HURT. Still have a goose egg.
13) Genius district teased us all with a 5 AM "The roads have been deemed passable. Campuses will open as usual." 5 AM. Both staff and student homes. Guess what probably won't be happening again. ;) (Cause it was more than us complaining, that's for sure.)
14) Voters on the Seuss door ... it looks like they were kind of unsportsmanlike. I didn't lock it down and require a Google login because I wanted lots of families and friends to participate. But when MULTIPLE votes come in within seconds of each other for the same door ... multiple times ... it takes some fun out of it. Guess I will have to lock it down next time and not let classroom communities participate. Or just not have it. :(
15) Mega hits compared to usual on my first library S'more newsletter. I should have used that instead of other routes a long time ago. I've had a S'more account since before they were a paid service. But then it became a "thing" and I had to be contrary and refuse. For a couple months.
16) Students begged me to try spinning the BeanBoozled wheel. That was GROSS, my friends. Seriously. Can't get the taste out. They thought it was hilarious. That said if you go by Target they had a full sized Seussisms for only $5.
17) Didn't do anything besides the doors for Seuss. The doors and wear my Seuss converse.
18) Then there was this. I should have got the full size Seussisms. I should have. Cause the bitty gift book version is just so bitty. And it's too awesome!
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Spring break begins in somewhere around 21 hours.

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