Saturday, March 14, 2015

Book Ends

I just spent some time on Etsy looking around for some bookends (I cleaned out some books to donate and now need a couple more to keep the shelves looking nice! Though if you were to look at my pre-order list you'd see not for long #donotneedtobuyallthebooks). I will refrain from making fun of the less attractive ones (but seriously ... go take a look because there are some primo contenders out there) and will just share three I truly liked.

Etsy Bookends 1

On sale when I took the screenshot. Tempting! It's actually a lamp but since I don't have a plug behind any of my shelves (NO WAIT! As I turned around to look ... I DO! But down lower than would make sense) I would just use them as bookends.

This one is sold alone. Which is actually fine ... I wish more were sold as just one. But it's on the pricey side. And still, where did my weird owl fixation come from? Some of you might find this one laughable. :P

Etsy Bookends 2

If these were sold separately it would be a no brainer. I'd for sure get one if with shipping it was $40-45 or so. In most cases I don't use bookends on the same shelf.

Etsy Bookends 3

Right now I have a sweet Star Wars (the words) set. They actually stay together on the shelf with the Origami Yoda series and Shakespearean Star Wars between them. Then a set of gargoyles that are separated. And a set of ... goodness. What was the name of the two big king statues in Lord of the Rings?

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  1. And thanks to my s-i-l who noticed they DID, in fact, sell the glasses separately. One is on the way! Or, at least ordered. :)