Friday, February 27, 2015

Finally Friday Feb. 27

This morning too cool for school fifth graders had FUN building with Magnatiles and a marble run. FUN, I tell you. Is that still allowed in school? We finished setting up bookfair this afternoon. #partfunpartUGH

Then went to Alamo with a Living Social deal for McFarland. That was a good flick. Just downloaded the Juanes song. And after a couple weeks where all but one or two staff on campus were just ... not happy ... it was a needed "feel good" flick.

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Not sure if we have these pieces. Taking suggestions as how to encourage students to keep pieces ... sorted. Is that too OCD of me? They WERE all sorted. They are a complete jumbled mess now. They still build things but they waste a lot of time looking for pieces. How can I get them to "connect the dots"?

Not doing much for Dr. Seuss with bookfair. I offered the door decorating but only a couple classes have done it. I guess a couple is good. Like 10 or 12 did last year, though. See the "only one or two happy" comment.

Just those tonight. Have a great weekend. We're freezing here. Not like anyone anywhere really cold. But we're not used to it! Two more degrees and we'd actually get snow! Hello ... "spring" break is in ONE WEEK!!!

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