Friday, March 13, 2015

Finally ... Friday the 13th

Spring break is almost over! The first few days were cold and rainy (thank you, south TX, for ridiculous timing). Then it got pretty ... and my car wouldn't start. Wasn't anything big ... just needed to replace the battery. Should there not be some warning? Luckily I wasn't out!

Kind of a dull stay-cation but I have got a lot of reading in. So much the tingly pinkie fingers are back. #IMWAYR is going to be long next week. Well. Long in terms of lists. I never write super long reviews.

So I'm not super "girly" beyond loving Anne of Green Gables. Never went through a princess phase. Or was that not something my generation did, anyway? Pre-Disney mania? But I want to try these! Maybe ... Jedis kicking or holding a light saber instead of tutus?

Total irony that I pinned this within hours of the car incident. That I ended up having to get my Dad to help me with.

Photos. I love to read about taking them and when I go on trips I take more. Still working on the "day to day" type stuff.

This will still be attempted before Monday.


I should add this to the Makerspace page. And see if she sells prints in her Etsy shop.

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