Wednesday, February 4, 2015

TCEA Day 2 Makerspaces and Augmented Reality

This morning I went by the vendors at TCEA. TLA is more fun because it's more stuff I could actually influence purchasing ... but I went. The LEGO table ... TOO COOL. I want. Pigeon? And Natural Disasters? We just covered those. We've been using regular Legos but these look too cool. The WeDo stuff also looked interesting. Our district educational foundation grant applications just opened. You know what I'll be writing about.
TCEA Lego display
And so ... it's done! Finished the presentation. I hope it went well? I about died when I saw the line that was waiting to get in. By far the biggest room I've ever presented in.
TCEA Presentation line
Anyway ... check out the link at the top of the page. Or just click here. ;) Our makerspaces are still a work in progress. Neither of us are at the point we wanted to be when we first submitted the proposal. Things happen. I guess the main takeaway we wanted people to have is DON'T WAIT. Start now with what you can. Deal with pushback ... convince them with small steps. Realize you expected too much when your library space was being completely overhauled? It's all good. The amazing stuff will come later. (Speaking of amazing ... at the Women in Ed Tech meetup last night heard about the coolest makerspace at the Ann Richards School for Young Women ... I mean the COOLEST. I need to find the link. It's 6-12 so obviously very different to anything I'm currently doing. And they were not librarians so it was definitely more technical. But still. Visions.)

Now. Went to two classes on Augmented Reality. The first one shared a bunch of books that have embedded content. Need to look up our vendors and see if they have them. They also actively demonstrated Daqri which was pretty cool. I applied during the class and already got my educator account. It looks like it might do what I wanted Aurasma Studio to do but could never get to work, we shall see. I still love the basic Aurasma app for quick uploads. The second class showed more about ColAR and Crayola Alive than I knew before.

And I got an email. The Toontastic app was just purchased by Google and it's now FREE!


Did you enter the Zodiac Legacy book giveaway?

I might be hiding in my strange quirky AirBnB room. Been surrounded by so many people ... needed a little quiet time.

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