Thursday, February 19, 2015

(almost) Finally Friday Feb. 20

Hello! Hope you had a great week! I gave you a break after my text-heavy Saturday post.

This week we had meetings on Monday. The kids had it off. I didn't actually have to attend any of the meetings but they were all held in the library. Can you say HEADPHONES? Though I still managed to mess up a couple orders. I hope I got them fixed. Literally an hour after a campus book budget finally became available I got an email saying "spend it by next Friday or it's going back into the general fund." Hmm. Well. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED IN THREE HOURS. NOTE TO SELF: ALWAYS HAVE A CONSIDERATION LIST. YOU JUST USED UP ALL OF THEM SO BETTER START AGAIN!

Today I met my my fifth nephew, eleventh overall. He's adorable. #love

As before ... click through if embeds don't show up. And click through again for the talented people who posted the ideas to begin with.

I want this. Dare I say I NEED this? Just ... wouldn't fit in my bedroom or living room. Don't have room for it in my office. #wheretoputit

Easy March Lego challenge.

I need to look in to this book. I can't quite tell ... it's it written for a HS media specialist or K-8?

TechChef4U brought this to our attention. I like it.

Sometimes silly and ridiculous is just what the doctor ordered.

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