Thursday, January 1, 2015

Currently January

Linking up with Farley!

Listening: to Peter Hollens. (Re)Discovered him with the #sharethegift World Record nativity video (with the Piano Guys? Did you see it? He's the first one singing before David Archuleta). Downloaded a couple of his songs. Edge of Night (LOTR) was first. Now actually an 80s playlist is on. I might have to go get a couple more PH songs, though. I wasn't actually a big fan of the first song where I heard him (a collaboration with Lindsey Sterling) but more are growing on me.

Loving: my little brother is home (first he was in Wisconsin ... then Brazil)! He's been gone for a long time but he's back. A little earlier than expected and with a NASTY cough but we'll get him well. He's such a good kid. Whose not really a kid anymore but he will always be to me.

Thinking: I really thought I got rid of a lot of clutter last year before the move. I just went to tidy up my present wrapping supplies and found ... do I even tell you? Eeeek. Three SW Ep. 1 posters and an a-ha poster. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Kind of like when you find a book you can't believe you didn't weed five years ago in the library collection?

Wanting: a hot cocoa. Do I start of the new year drinking calories? They are so tasty and this morning is cold and rainy.

Needing: to get healthy. Seriously. I couldn't keep up with the nieces and nephews and that is unacceptable. Exercise and eating better would probably help the sleeping problems that have been around ... really all year.

Yes: see above.
Maybe: I feel kind of ... in a rut? Not sure if it's job-wise (the commute is getting SUPER OLD) or hobby wise (I feel like I come home and sit on the couch cause I'm so exhausted. See above). I follow photography blogs. Maybe a Photo 365? Could see more action on Instagram! Or do more with my Silhouette and general crafting. I like that.
I wish: I had a trip planned! I don't have the nerve to go by myself and no one I know is going anywhere cool. At least not w/o husbands and kids. :P


  1. Your blog is so cute! I hear you about the commute. I turned down a dream job partially because my commute would have more than doubled. I like to listen to audio books while I drive because they calm me down after a stressful day and I get to "read" all the books on my list that I never have time to. Happy New Year! I hope you plan a trip. It's good for the soul!
    On the Go Teacher Mama

    1. Audiobooks have been somewhat salvaging the drive. I have a lot of books on my list TBR list, though. A lot. ;)

  2. Man, I can relate to a lot of this! Declutter, health, and a case of the doldrums. It's kinda nice to know I'm not the only one in a rut, but let's kick ourselves in the butt- where do you want to travel to? I think we should start a bloggers travel club :) Here's something good- I'm a new follower! Happy New Year! Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  3. Book Expo in NYC at the end of May! Now that our school year ends before Memorial Day, I'm planning my trip. Not thrilled about the NYC bit, but being at a Book Expo sounds awesome! If you go, let me know!

    1. On contract until ... it's either the 9th or 10th. :X We used to get out by Memorial Day. Well. The kids. I always had a couple days into June. Then for some reason they decided "Hey, let's start later in August. Cause so many people want to be enjoying themselves in the 100+ degree heat." (Reality ... "Let's not pay for as much AC.")

  4. I would also love to learn about Photoshop. I think that's a great new hobby idea! I am constantly thinking about trips I would love to take. Just planning imaginary trips in my head gets me excited! Here's to us taking a trip somewhere this year. :)
    Island Teacher

  5. My husband and I LOVED the I See Fire song at the end of the 2nd Hobbit movie. Have you listed to that? By Ed Sheeran. You should DEFINITELY take a listen, if you haven't already heard it.
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)