Friday, January 9, 2015

Finally Friday Jan. 9

Made it! It is cold. I know I'm a TX wimp but it's cold. Click through if the embeds don't show up in a reader. And click through again to go to the pin source!

Because it's true. And funny.

*Hangs head in shame at how bad mine are ...*

Because it looks cool. And I'd love to go back and visit Scotland.

Reminding you of these ...

I love to follow Flannel Friday posts but don't actually do much in the way of prop storytelling. This one was pretty cool, though.

I love doing research with classes. It's actually my favorite. This week was crazy cause a grade ... sort of sidestepped me. Super frustrating to see ridiculousness when I offered help multiple times. No place on the organizer for citations. Kids going straight to Wikipedia and printing it and thinking they were done. But next week a grade is coming to the library and we're going to have Loads of Fun with Loads of Learning about rapid changes to the earth's surface ... . I'm excited! We used to do PSA videos about "How to Survive a _____________." The last time we actually tried that ... I got appendicitis. Then we did a careers project for a year. Now this year we'll make Haiku Deck presentations. I like how easy their image search function is (and how safe). And the quality of the photos!

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