Friday, January 16, 2015

Finally Friday Jan. 16

Remember to click through to the original sources if you don't see them in your readers. And have a great weekend! I live large. Think I'm going to bed early again.

This made me laugh.

Started a third grade ... it's not tutoring cause they are already strong. It's more ... well, I'll write more about it later. First half is reading, second half is steam. I showed them Caine's Arcade and then we started building "something." They had some great ideas but ... it's like they thought they could finish something in 10 minutes? So I need to rethink my explanations. I biffed it in many ways this week with poor third grade. Thought they could answer eight questions and create a nine slide Haiku Deck in 4 hours. My bad. I see now but I didn't before. We used to make PSA videos so I thought this would be easier ... but that was more the writing they were used to. As succinct as Haiku Deck is ... they needed more time. I will still share when they are done cause the works in progress are pretty cool. I just feel bad I so misjudged. Anyway. Point being the group and the MAKING.

Gotta work on this one. I still want people to like me.

Also started Maker Mornings (7:15-7:45 ... you'll get more info once our TCEA presentation is done!). I see this one in our future.

Is this funny or kind of annoying? I don't look like I'm going to break someone's knees. Ever, even when I know they haven't even tried to look for it. Let's go with he's being silly. Cause Calvin is just to funny to be annoyed by.

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