Friday, December 26, 2014

Finally Friday Dec. 26

If I were motivated enough to get out of fleece and get into the car and drive all the way into town I would usually at this point have visited B&N to get a new calendar. Always the day AFTER Christmas. In some ways I'm cheap, I guess. Not in enough but in this particular way. But as it's looking I'm not motivated enough. More fun to stay in and listen to the audiobook of The Screaming Staircase. But if I WERE to go ... Michael's would be another trip. For materials for this.

Will I get any new ones made over the rest of the break? Still haven't seen any movies so who knows! The To See list was long. That also requires driving into town.

I also tried making some iPad wallpapers but the site I used to look up the dimensions was incorrect. :P


Although the pic looks more "Beam me up, Scotty" you know this is awesome.

And two pics of cute kids just because I can.
Properly align said pics of cute kids I cannot!


  1. I've had such bad luck finding calendars that people like in real stores that I have given up and order them online for presents. Of course, in our house, that's a major gift, so it has to be the right one! Younger daughter got Harry Potter page-to-screen book and didn't really care about anything else, but is enjoying her HP wall calendar. Older daughter likes Ann Taintor, and I ended up with a Debbie Mumm owls calendar. You are wise to be cheap about this-- they can be expensive! But no reason to escape from fleece on the day after Christmas. They'll be cheaper 1/2/15, right?

  2. Right? Only not as many choices left. Debbie Mumm owls. I do love me some owls and I've not seen her calendar! Will have to look it up. Often it's Star Wars if a good one is left. Or landcapes. Or old barns. Or lighthouses. Depends on the mood. And whatever has the least pastel colors. :P

  3. Oh, it is cute! I also love this digital one.