Friday, January 2, 2015

Finally Friday Jan. 2

First Friday of 2015! Last Friday of vacation.


Finally saw The Five Armies on NYE. Been on a LOTR kick since. This ... this is real.

Love. Just truly ... no space for another table/desk. At least not until we can replace our big bulky teaching tables with something more ... efficient. Why I want a Lego WALL so much. But this table would have storage space built in so that's cool. If you have the floor space for a table this is a great alternative!

Love! Nieces and nephews? Or, let's be honest. Grandkids. Cause Mom (aka Grandma) would be doing the sewing. I'd .. get takeout so she didn't have to cook that day. Or my parents suffer through MY cooking. Isn't it funny that I love to collect recipes (binders of them before Pinterest) and yet can't cook? Can't deal with all the planning. I start and discover halfway through I'm missing something. Or get distracted and it burns. Or what looked so good ... just doesn't TASTE as good.

When I run out of ideas (as I'm SURE I will ... doing alright at day 2 but come on ... it's day 2!!) will come back to this.

Are you on Instagram? Let me know! My feed will always be a mix of personal and school so FYI if that overwhelms you. I know we all have to prioritize how much social media we can consume. For those two months or so I deleted FB from my phone ... it was nice, you know? I missed out on some good news but I also missed out on loud internet "noise." And that was nice.

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