Thursday, August 28, 2014

TBT Beginning of the Year Read Alouds

Still nothing new that is finished to share today. My brain's not quite ON yet with the library still all discombobulated--it's coming along but we won't have shelves for another couple weeks. Here are our pretty cabinets.

I've mostly been getting the computer lab up and running. LESS THAN INTERESTING. Especially if they are going to close it for three months for testing. But I know for some of you YOU are the ones getting closed for testing. So I won't whine and I'll just remind you of these if any of you would like to use them.

Click on the first pic to download the pdf.

There are also these if you are so inclined. Click on the pic to download.

I did go in to a classroom to read My Teacher is a Monster and Hooray for Hat. Well received even if I didn't have a silly little bookmark ready to commemorate. And I read Sea Monster's First Day on Tuesday. Slow start but we will hit the ground running!

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