Friday, August 29, 2014

Finally Friday Aug. 29

MADE IT. And now to distract myself from printer failure (Tech! Why must it plague us when it's not working? From every corner?) ...

(Don't forget to click through if the embed doesn't show up in a reader.)

Cool. I would print it if I could! (Oops on the distraction from printer failure. :P)

Yep. How many times this week? Most of the time I still managed to do it with a smile. And if it wasn't a smile at least it wasn't a grimace?

Other people don't quite get it. So they don't listen and put a bunch of tables to block the way. How it goes.

Love these colors. The pic makes me laugh.

I kind of want. I KNOW Clinton and Stacy would not approve. I know.

I hope I didn't sound grumpy. I feel like I did. Have a great Labor Day.


  1. Humorous, not grumpy. :) I like the shirt too... ;)

  2. I so need the Batman poster!!! Good luck with the shelving. If I wasn't 14 hours away, I'd hop over and help.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  3. THANK YOU BOTH! Have a great weekend.