Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Look at our Space!

In light of a current linky this makes me laugh. It'll all be good, though. There are plans. Will just take another three weeks or so to implement. ;)

I'm attempting Instagram and posted this earlier. For as much as I love photos I'm terrible at remembering to take them. Are you on Instagram? Let me know! Would love to have more in my feed.

Have you started back to school yet?

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  1. We don't start back to school until August 26 (teachers and staff). Kids join us on Sept. 2. And woot!! on yout space...before your know it you will be in.

  2. You have ONE MORE DAY! Enjoy it. Then enjoy time back in the library. Both parts of life have good things. I will be in kinder all day tomorrow. EEEEEK! All day? 30 minute visits? Got that covered. All day? *nerves*