Friday, August 1, 2014

Currently August

Linking up with Farley!

  • They are reading The Imaginary Veterinary #1 Sasquatch Escape.
  • Got a fair amount in this summer between my visits and their visits.
  • Seriously. I hardly even have words, as you know. It's going to be VERY different. #whenitsdone And very sorry to see the previous admin go. She was pretty awesome. Must give the new one a chance but she has big shoes to fill.
  • No craftiness this summer. What's up with that! I have an office! Space! Sort of have things organized. Though the crafty stuff is the least organized of anything. Been more than a little distracted with stuff.
  • A Sonic Shake sounds SO GOOD right now. 100 minutes! I can exercise it off tomorrow, right? Or not. But running after nieces and nephews has to burn something. It HAS TO.
  • Really unsure how the first couple weeks will go. Want to do something useful but I don't even know where the books will be until they install the shelves. So probably classroom visits. Maybe some tech projects in the lab? Keep busy to 1)be with the kids (of course!); and 2)make sure no one can say "You go to the cafeteria all day." Cause that would not be pleasant.

Do any of you work at a school that follows "Core Knowledge"? I am curious because another thing I might be doing is working on a libguide and planning for the year as we are adopting that. Of course they pick THIS YEAR right after the spring when I weeded a whole bunch of apparently relevant to this curriculum topics that hadn't been touched in years. YEARS. I guess it needed to be updated anyway. But it had better get used if I spend limited budget funds on it. In theory it looks like an awesome idea. More social studies. More RESEARCH! So I'll be looking for lots of online resources. And maybe hopefully creating/finding/planning great project ideas.


  1. I am totally wanting more summer too! I've started some projects but don't feel like there's enough time to get everything done! Ah!

    Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

  2. How frustrating to not know what your space will be like. How fun to have your nieces for a while! :)

    Not Just Child's Play

  3. 1/2 price shakes? You're speaking my language! They are about to open a new place called Steak and Shakes here. That's sure to not be good for my diet, but I did already scope out their shakes and I'm dying to try them. I haven't been very crafty this summer either. For once, I spent more time just relaxing, but I could use a whole lot more!

    Mrs O Knows

  4. I am catching up on blogs today and I feel like I need more summer. This is the first summer I went away and it was a big trip. I feel like I lost 2 weeks of summer even though I went on my dream vacation! This is the first summer I had a job to go back to and I was more relaxed. I have been working on teacher applications but its a rough market here. Still looking for my dream classroom