Thursday, August 14, 2014

(almost) Finally Friday Aug. 15

Theoretically I was supposed to start back on contract today (or yesterday, depending on how you look at it and when you read this). But due to the space still being "unlivable" and a non-functional work laptop ... went and got allergy shots, worked off some frustration on the treadmill, and came home. Friday morning I will go work with another librarian at another campus but do you know, I'm thinking this might be the afternoon. In the name of job research. Won't be able to put off next week because of meetings but these two days were my supposed "work" days anyway.

This is what I did this afternoon.

Don't we all love a good infographic? And Google?

Have you watched much? Just a little. IT FREAKS ME OUT. Seriously, could not pay me money to go diving in those waters. Even in a cage. Barely in a sub.

Not a morning or late night person. 10:30-1:30 like nobody's business.

Our presentation for TCEA got accepted! So no wimping out. This will happen this year.

Just an FYI ... taking a bit of a FB break so it won't be a quick way to contact me for a bit. Anything you might see will have been pre-scheduled or auto-posted. Good timing. Escape some of the "noise" and rest my hand/wrist/elbows.

PS Click through to see embedded content.

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