Thursday, May 8, 2014

TL Blogging Challenge Day #8 Professional Reads

So ... confession here. I love to start professional reads. But I don't always finish them entirely. They take thought and reading and rereading and notetaking and ... well.

Here are some that I have read at least half of and if I ever finished or reread I'd probably be AWESOME. As it stands I'm very much still working on it.

And just to have an image on this post here is a pic of part of the shelf devoted to these sorts of books. Like my shadow? :P

A Place for Wonder (this one I did finish!) is really a great one for fostering questioning and wondering and HOW TO FIGURE OUT ANSWERS in the younger grades. I just found this book study blog from last summer. I love that these teachers did this together! The video shows some pretty amazing student work.

Writing to Explore (which I also finished!) was super cool. I've never been able to so fully integrate a research project but how awesome would it be if I did. Time. It's always about TIME. I know they managed to make it. One day I (and a teacher and his or her class) will.

Real Revision is a MUST for any writing teacher (just like Spilling Ink!). I have used it mostly as a way to talk about authors (and some of the techniques they mention).

I liked the idea of Making Thinking Visible but didn't get to finish it because I checked out an ecopy from the library and this is one that needed more time and space for post it notes and such. have NOT mastered notetaking on my Kindle yet. :P I know I first heard about it on a blog I was reading and loved the activities they talked about. But I can't remember which blog it was.

In Pictures and in Words I own but haven't finished yet. Which makes no sense at all because I love the idea. Teach kids to pay attention to details and setting and such in illustrations ... and eventually that will transfer over to writing.

Oh and here is where I am so embarrassed to admit I've never finished Notice and Note. #hangsheadinshame

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