Thursday, May 15, 2014

TL Blogging Challenge #11 Tech Tip Part 3 Google Your LMC

For this one I will redirect you to the presentation Google Your LMC.

I added a "basics" page because ... well, I always thought we had too much stuff on there for anyone who wasn't already pretty familiar with Google. If you were just starting out the whole thing seemed quite overwhelming.

Does it help?

Is there something specific about Google you'd like more info on?

Of the three presenters I probably know the least about Sites (and Hangouts because I can never get them to work at school even though they work at home! :X) but the rest of it I'm fairly confident in. Debating if I want to become a "Google Educator" this summer or if it's a waste of time or money. But IF I could get accepted to the Austin, TX Google Teacher Academy. THAT would be COOL. Just because. They are way competitive, though. So I might chicken out from applying. :P

See this quote.

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