Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bad Blogger & #ReadingRainbow

Who doesn't remember to take any pictures. I do like our newly genrified shelves. The kids that have noticed (we closed for checkout as of Friday ... have had kids browsing or working on finishing up projects but no checkout) seem to like them, too. The real "test" will be next year.

But the last several days have been taken up with tech inventory (:X) and making what preparations I can for our "renovation." The construction guys came this morning and did a bunch of measuring and asking me some questions. But then they left when I went down to another hallway to check on a laptop cart. I told them I'd be back in less than 10 minutes but they still left.
So I still have 1)NO idea when they are starting all of this building of walls and moving of circ desk and installation of a "presentation station." 2)NO idea what I'm supposed to do to get ready. 3)NO materials to get ready (boxes, packing tape, etc). 4)NO idea when they will be done. And 5)NO idea of how much shelving we will have. If we just push our current shelves up against the wall? We're losing 55% of our shelves. I'm getting really tired of weeding.

So anyway. We have the kids through Thursday of next week. Then a couple days of doing what I can to get ready. Only one with my assistant. I know, I'm lucky to even have one. Then two days of half-day "flipped classroom" academy. I know how to do it. Just need someone to MAKE me do it. ;) Then two days of tech camp where I'm teaching Google Your LMC and a photo-editing class. Then a day with Kylene Beers. How sad but all I can remember is "it's something to do with literacy. The presentation looked good." Then a plane for COLORADO!

 I just discovered this blog last night. It's so awesome I can hardly stand it. Go and follow her. But please come back and visit here sometimes, too, K? ;)



  1. Oh, this was me four years ago- I was down to nothing but concrete, but at least I didn't lose that much shelving. I wish I lived near you and I would come with boxes and help. I saved mine for months from the cafeteria because I knew none would be provided. Having bad flashbacks. Must go lie down in dark room. Be strong,