Saturday, May 10, 2014

TL Blogging Challenge #9 Trends

Hmmm. I'm not even sure what this means. Trends in school libraries? So while I think here are two funny pins.

OK. Sort of thought this through.
MOBILITY. That is a work in progress as our guest wifi is absolute rubbish so teaching kids to access some things on the devices they own ... well. We do what we can but it needs to get better. The regular school device wifi isn't great out in the classrooms (luckily it's OK inside the library or we'd really be hurting) so some of the activities and skills don't get the regular practice they need.

BALANCE. Do I think we're headed completely digital? Anytime soon? No. I truly believe our kindergartners will still be using print books (in addition to electronic!) for some years to come. So ... I get frustrated by anyone promoting one over or in place of the other. "We have ebooks, you don't need all those print books." Well, if they kids can't access the ebooks (wired connections are only slightly better than the wireless) what good does an ebook do them? "We don't need to deal with all this in elementary. They'll learn it in middle school." NO WAY! That's not the direction we need to go, either. Our city made the news with trying the book-less library idea ... again after other cities gave it up and added books back. It's kind of ... well. I don't want to hope it fails. But I can't help but expect it. At least a little.

MAKING and a space for it. I totally want to implement this but since I've struggled with centers for years I'm not sure where the direction is headed on our campus. With very little storage space and no control whatsoever over who might wander through (currently no walls and even if that changes this summer no doors ... though even you all with doors deal with other people having keys!) it's hard to keep things organized and out when it needs to be out and put away when it needs to be put away and honestly, from walking away. So this is something I continue to work on and try to figure out.

If I think of anything else it will be a PS post later on. ;)

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