Friday, May 16, 2014

Finally Friday May 16

I would like to be able to say this week flew by. But I cannot.

Today I didn't mean to be rude but I might have been. Oh my word so much mess and noise all day ... it hurts. And then I feel like a jerk because I'm so anti-social I can't stand having a three plus hour long luncheon in the library space. It attracts roaches and makes the carpet smell funny. And kids can't get books! I don't like it. How rude can I be? It was a luncheon for volunteers.

I come home and at least there is this.

So that's something!
And the cute little one that said "When are you going to read us a story again? You read stories good." I haven't because of so many research classes (some that went well, some that did not). Another I am a jerk moment because honestly? I sort of prefer research classes to "storytimes." As you well know it is exhausting to be that ON. And research is just more ... fun for me. Seeing the bent heads over books or laptops. Seeing them make connections. And seeing them want you to hand them ever answer but anyway. For that little bit when a MS position was open I really wanted to apply. But they closed it before I got everything together (FOUR DAYS? Seriously.) So I will hang on to that cutie and her comment.

Tomorrow I will be at the TX Google Summit. Long drive so I guess I'd better prepare some tunes. Or download some audiobooks. Have a great weekend! I am staring ... wait for it ... 40. I am staring down 40. On Monday. So I'm taking the day off to hide under the covers. I will feel better about my denial on Tuesday.

Click through for embedded stuff. (Like if you haven't already you missed that awesome tweet above!)

Note to self. Remember this more. Live this better.

So true. I wish they'd give teachers more time with their iPads and with Google. With some more support and know how they'd do awesome things.

Here I am posting stuff that I have to stop eating. #summerofgettingbackonthefitnessbandwagon