Wednesday, March 5, 2014

TL Blogging Challenge Day #6 Another Tech Tip

Another Tech Tip ... easy image editing! Does that sound strange when I am so terrible at remembering to take pics? That I love to play with image editing?

I almost hate to send you there because it is in need of updating (Picnik went bye bye a long time ago and Aviary has followed suit). But check the Image Editing page at the top of my blog. If you have any questions comment and that will be a good motivator for me to work on it. Page is pretty text heavy as it is. Probably won't happen until summer. Unless I get some good questions before spring break is over. ;)

The Big Huge Labs stuff is still relevant. Here's a Snapguide I did for some 4th graders who were illustrating "I AM" poems. It took them longer than I thought it would ... but you know why? Because they were really thinking about the images they wanted to create. They weren't just snapping selfies. That's pretty awesome, actually.

PicMonkey used to be my new favorite. And I still use them a lot but I also use

Here's a post I did last year on apps and image editing.

And I'll leave you with a pic taken from my back porch the other night.

And for laughs ... a recent Seuss-themed Pinterestfail.

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  1. I use Ribbet a lot. Maybe it's "what you know" but it seems simpler than PicMonkey. And free is good!