Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TL Blogging Challenge Day #5 Book Talking

Not as often as I'd like in an organized sense. I do lots of on the spot booktalking. Lately, though, I've been wondering if I needed to ... plan them out better. Once in a while I'm like "This is such a good book!" but I can't remember enough details to really hook the kiddo. I'm terrible at rote memorization, though. Tried to get teachers to have kids write "shelf talker recommendations" (like at B&N) but that's not always a done deal.

I used to make my own genre-centered Animoto trailers with bookcovers and first lines. That took longer than it was really worth, though.

Now when I have classes come in 9 times out of 10 it's book trailers ... which is a bummer for the books that don't get trailers made.

These are faster to make. Sometimes embedding a Symbaloo makes opening the links WAY SLOW on our school network. But not always so I keep going and just cringe when it's a bad network day. This is an older collection but it's still a favorite.


  1. My problem is that I read so many books, some of them a while before someone asks me about it. My plan is to start writing up little mini reviews to put in the book. This will have a short summary, my thoughts and a star rating. This way it will jog my memory and I'll remember my thoughts.

    1. Like a little bookplate inside. That's an idea!