Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Short break from #bookaday

to rediscover a tv show from my childhood. On Amazon Prime, no less.

Remember this? (Excuse my terrible film a Kindle with an iPhone clips ... they really are terrible and they are supposed to be because I want you to go watch from the real source!)

At the end of every episode. This is from the first one. Isn't that awesome? #itsallinbooks

This little clip is from the first episode as well. It's just funny. And sad. Yes, the older guy died only a year or two later from an accident on another set. Sad.

They should remake this show. Though period pieces (especially ones that have all sorts of DIFFERENT periods) could be expensive. To do well, anyway. Was this well done for the time? Dunno. Probably not. Who cares. I loved it.

And here's Goodreads. Three picture books and one middle grade book finished today. One adult book finished Monday. Several more to go ... and spring break half over. NOOOOOOOO!

PS I am guest posting on Kirby Larson's blog tomorrow. What on EARTH possessed me to submit an idea? Back in like December that of course I couldn't really remember when my turn came up? So anyway. I hope it's not incredibly dumb. #nerves

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