Saturday, March 8, 2014

Aurasma Booktalks

You can find much more innovative ways to use Aurasma with a quick Google or Pinterest search. I loved one where the students posted work without names ... and then when the parents came for a conference they chose which project they thought was their child's and scanned with Aurasma. A video overlay popped up with the student! Or as a way to practice word wall or exceptionally difficult vocabulary words. Or shapes. Anyway. That said? We're proud of our first four attempts. The audio is not great. Couldn't find anywhere inside the school where there wasn't a bunch of noise so we went outside. To find airplanes and cars and even a helicopter. Oh well. They did a great job of talking up their books and being our "guinea pigs" and maybe we'll be able to get an external mic.

Download Aurasma.
The little A at the bottom is how you open up the menu.
Search for HHES Library. The capitals do seem to matter.
"Follow" us. (Because if you don't have the device on which you MADE the Aura in hand you need to be following the channel that made it.)
Scan these images. Or if you have the books on your own shelves ... that will work, too!

(For now it does have to be this older cover ... some time next week I'll see if I can fix it to link the newer one as well.)

I took this screenshot of the Aurasma purple A icon and then printed it on some of the square QR code labels that I already had. Handwrote our channel along the left side. That way people will know this book offers a little something extra. Thinking about how else we can use this ... even though we're entering testing season where very little learning actually takes place anymore. All in the name of "assessment."

And this is what I think of that. :P

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