Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Saturday after Bookfair's Finally Friday

SURVIVED! Why is bookfair so crazy? You know what I'm talking about. Thankfully we have a couple of volunteers who basically work full time that week to help.

Of course at the same time trying to mentally rearrange a library to fiction genrify AND lose half of the shelving and browsing floor space because of finally building partial walls that are being limited by a ridiculous hawk on the hallway floor so that the teaching area is STILL in a visually distracting area. :X That might have something to do with the headache. Maybe. And now you have a headache after that run on sentence. :P

The whole "Keep Calm" thing was fun for a while but it is starting to get a little old. A little. This one still made me laugh, though.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter is the best combo in the world. Second? Chocolate and mint. Third? Chocolate and graham. Sense a pattern?

These pics are cool.

Look at this awesome use of Aurasma.

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome weekend.


  1. Fun pinning week! Good to see how AR Aurasma is being used... :) Congrats on being done with the bookfair... I honestly don't miss those, especially pack up/$$ time. I do miss book talking and connecting with the community...

  2. I also get a headache with book fair...and usually run down and get sick too... Here's hoping you don't! :) I've thought about handing it over to the boosters, but then I would also have to hand over the $$ to their use as well and well, I an't fathom that at all!!