Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Not listening to anything. The past two weeks have been … a struggle in our major hallway and no walls library classroom. I'm losing my will to try and adjust my attitude about all this, blog people. I want to kick the stupid architect of our school and all open concept schools (though on our campus it's just lucky me) in the shin. It was an idiotic idea. Lessons with 350+ people walking through? Who can not get distracted by that? Student or teacher.

I have so many books I want to read. My Goodreads list is ridiculous. Picture books. Middle grade books. YA books. Adult books. Fiction. Non-Fiction. Mysteries and Thrillers are my favorite genre from YA on.

I hope the kiddos have a great experience. And … classes that might be on their way elsewhere for that particular time slot take the long way round and give the author some respect.

Wanting very badly for allergies to go away. And to be in shape again.

TCEA! I am helping with a presentation on Google in the school library. I wish I had more elementary ideas to add.

I did! It was an Explorer boat, though. Had almost all girls on it. Just one crew member (and the captain) that was not. Thinking back that kid must have thought he had it pretty good. He was maybe 17. We were all 15-18. Only two. The third one I had to drop out in the middle. Never ever get a flu shot four days before a race. Every once in a while I think about training again to get rid of that DNF. And then I don't cause it's a lot of work! Season Three will be over on Sunday! Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and the writers … they're doing such a great job. Plus BC is just YUMMY.


  1. I'm with you on needing more time to read. I keep buying books.... all sorts of books..... teacher books, personal development books, YA books (kind of my favorite), etc etc - Never enough time :( That's one of my favorite parts about summer.... I can really unplug from planning (b/c honestly... that's what I end up doing during most of the breaks in the school year) and relax and catch up on reading :)

  2. I'm thinking the same thing about the amount of books I have beside my bed and on my notes pages of my phone. I'm looking forward to warmer weather because during softball season I spend a lot of time sitting in a chair waiting for games. That's extra reading time for me! Have a great weekend!
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  3. I join you with the insane open concept "community" style school and the library in a fishbowl! I also have a "quiet room" on one side of the room which has constant traffic and lots of commotion as they go by! Thankfully my K's have gotten used to it somewhat but this week sure was loud! Wishing we could get at least shelves that you can't see thru that act as make shift walls! Thanks for blogging ~ Tammy

    1. Oh, goodness. Someone who understands. I am having a harder and harder time with it. "If you can't change the circumstance change your attitude" and all. It is always a problem. Kids getting distracted by all the hallway motion. Or little ones walking through and even though we all the time say "quiet waves" yelling out greetings. It's sweet but makes it hard for the class that is in the library! After 8 years I finally got a mic system but even that ... even with the mic sometimes the hallways are so loud they can't hear me. And ... the adults. The adults are a major part of the problem. They are louder than anyone. And they are teachers and parents that I really enjoy working with except for when they are disrupting everything in the library. And now I'm being all negative and downer about it so I'd better stop. Best of wishes to you in your situation. We keep doing it for the kiddos.