Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Sale

starts tomorrow. Hmmmm. I don't really have a lot to say about it this time. I get excited about ideas ... and then things happen and I don't get to use them. That gets expensive! Like I love all of Smart Chick's STEM challenges but have yet to get to use the set I have. Would be silly to get more. But wouldn't it be fun? The Minecraft set? And picture book monsters under bridges? And mythology? And the winter games ones? Or just more of the just "regular" ones?

I do want to get Carolyn's Estimation Stations.
They look fun and anything math I can promote that I actually understand (had a teacher ask me to do something on volume ... and I had to say no :( cause I read a blog post about a volume activity with Duplos and flipped out at all the vocab) is a WIN.

I gush on too much about clip art. I knew I had a problem when I realized I forgot to ever put out my own Valentine's signs. I love to make them but then got behind and I didn't remember to get them out! My new favorite artist is Kari Bolt, though I still love Creative Clips and Melonheadz and Digital Bake Shop and Pink Cat Studios.

Is there anything you are thinking about getting?

On a side note I do have some talented teachers who have made some very cute Seuss doors for our contest next week. When I get pics of all of them I'll post. And an order from Garrett Books came today. Ugh on snakes but the kids will love them. Lots of Pebble Plus on lots of different topics. Some ghost books. Kylie Jean. Jake Maddox. Some minerals. Book delivery days are like Christmas! The boxes were waiting for me when I came back from making myself totally ridiculous presenting about our e-resources to our Spanish-speaking parents. They were nice but I couldn't remember any of the tech vocab. :/

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